Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eat dessert first

These are the desserts on our menu and they are all heavenly!  My job in the kitchen is to plate them as they're ordered and let me tell you--it's hard to leave them alone!  Chef plated up one of each to show us how and for the class to taste.  I don't know their exact names as we hadn't printed up a dessert menu yet.  Everything was made by our students except the chocolate cigarettes.

This is a pineapple/carrot upside down cake.  It's a grilled pineapple slice atop a layer of carrot cake and topped with mascarpone ice cream and pineapple sauce.  YUM!

This is Frangelico crème brûlée.  There are toasted hazelnuts under that sprig of mint.  

This is a chocolate trio with a chocolate madeleine, chocolate chocolate chunk ice cream, and a slice of flourless chocolate torte, plus cherry compote.

This is neopolitan ice cream--strawberry, chocolate, and mascarpone/vanilla.  Heaven!

My first plating attempt.  Not too horrible but I got a little happy with the cherry compote.

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