Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New menu project

This time our menu has to relate to a paper that we are writing about international cuisine.  The paper is due in a couple of weeks.  The menu is due now.  I chose British cuisine as my international topic because a few weeks ago, while watching Masterpiece, I got excited about doing a Sherlock Holmes-themed menu.  It's dorky but was fun.  I started on it then but mostly on the layout and those things.  I can't print it in color in time to turn it in or on 12x12" paper so I had to scale way back and almost start over.  Of course I waited until the very last minute for that!  I have had a hard time finishing anything that requires any concentration at all lately but that's no excuse.  It's not the best and I'm not proud of it like the menus from last phase but here it is anyway--a printscreen of my final product after being rushed over.  It's printed on cream paper and mounted on black.  Guess what the dancing men say?

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