Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One week down!

I was off yesterday (we are closed on Mondays) and today and I so badly needed it!  I had a busy week!  As you know, I started working last Sunday and I worked every day except Monday--48.6 hours not including the two Sundays--plus 24 hours of school and every spare moment spent searching for recipes for menu items and for potential menu items.  I was so grouchy by Sunday!  I'm a natural-born hermit and that was just way too much human interaction for me.  I'm not complaining about the number of hours because I badly need paychecks but I would like to work them when I don't also have to go to school.  I skipped school yesterday.  I was not fit to be around and would have made everyone miserable.  I've also been coughing so much with sinus crap that I had a low fever so that's my excuse.  It was nice to stay home!  I only changed out of pajamas long enough to run something to school for Julianne.  My carpool dude was sick today so I got another day off.  I think that tomorrow will be a good day because of these past two!

Work is gong pretty well.  It will be a great experience to have had when I eventually look for something else and maybe I will get a better job because of it.  Everything that is being made from scratch right now is a recipe that I brought in.  That makes me a little nervous because I can't test them first.  I just can't afford that extent of grocery shopping.  The old chef was great.  Nobody complains about anything she made but they do like a couple of my variations better than her originals.  How cool is that?  I've never eaten her cooking so I have no way to know how close my recipes are to hers so I'm totally winging it.  One of the owners keeps reminding me that she is not the prototype and things don't have to be exactly like hers.  I'm new, though, to the whole shebang and I need a lot of feedback!  So far my pork pancetta meatballs and my risotto are liked better--at least by the staff.  One customer couldn't tell a difference between our baked chocolate pudding but they have all loved mine.  I'm so glad!  My confidence increases a little with each shift!

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