Sunday, November 7, 2010

Guess who is employed?

Me!  A friend (Julianne's dad, actually) called me Sunday morning as he was turning away brunch patrons.  His chef had walked out and he was in a bind.  Can his business partner pick me up in 15 minutes? I am way beyond desperate for work so I dressed quickly.  I had decided to take school off of my resume completely and to not try to work around a school schedule at all when accepting a job.  I figured that it was hurting my chances of getting a non-culinary position and since I have no experience in a restaurant kitchen, I wasn't getting called back for the culinary ones.  When I arrived we went through the fridges and typed a new menu for the night that included only what was on-hand.  I will be looking for new recipes for the regular menu items and for ideas for future menus.  I'm excited!  If I work hard this will be a great experience for me!