Friday, January 29, 2010

I never want to see another cookie!

I just finished the second week of Baking Essentials (my second term at L'Ecole Culinaire).  We made cookies all week.  We made three recipes each day and I brought half of each batch home with me.  Of course I haven't had a sweet tooth ONCE the whole week!  I've sent cookies to school with Julianne to give away and sent some home with everyone who has come over but there are still several packages of cookies on the shelf above my computer.  They will probably mostly be pitched by the end of the weekend.  The only cookies I didn't share (except with Julianne) were the macaroons.  Those were HEAVEN!  They were so sweet but I ate 'em anyway.  I wish we had doubled that recipe.  Next week is quick breads.  Can't wait!  We start on Monday with three kinds of muffins and only one is sweet (blueberry).  The others are Yankee cornbread and cheddar cheese.  I think I will make chowder or chili Monday night to eat with them.  I'm hungry already!

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