Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Spirit

I got it.  We saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra Saturday night and if that doesn't do it nothing will!  Since we won our tickets we had no idea where our seats would be until we got there.  They were good!  20th row smack in the middle.  Awesome!  There was a meet & greet after the show (this is the nicest group of folks anywhere) and I got to meet my very favorite vocalist, Jeff Scott Soto.  Linda was behind me in line and asked him to hug me.  Then she took a picture.  I felt silly but I have to say that I enjoyed the hug.  He's leaned over a table in the picture so you can't tell that he's a giant.  The show was incredible.  Last year I was unfamiliar with the story in the first half of the show and couldn't understand the narrator at all--and I was pissed at the world and just wanted to rock--so I pulled my hair out for most of that half  This time I knew the drill and enjoyed every single second of it.  I didn't think they could possibly top themselves for lights and spectacle but they really did.  Go if you can!

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