Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I have almost two weeks down. Only 88 to go! I found out that the Culinary Management degree takes 70 more weeks so I'm not sure if I will do that or not. I'll wait until then and see what is going on in my life. I heard, though, that we are actively working on offering a bachelor's degree at L'Ecole Culinaire and I will definately do that if we do. It will surely be a done deal before I graduate with an associates degree in 2011 (a month or so after I move Julianne into her dorm). We were told this week to expect guests next week. I can't remember details (or didn't hear them well) but I know that it is related to becoming accredited for something new and that we will have the first level of certification, Certified Culinarian, automatically when we graduate. COOL!

This week has been all about knife cuts in lab. I still need practice with dices! My tournes aren't real horrible but aren't the proper size, either, and not consistent sizes. I haven't cut myself yet! Lectures have been sanitation/food safety, spices and seasonings, equipment, that kind of stuff and I remember most of it. We have a quiz tomorrow and I will study all evening.

I am enjoying school more than I did at Le Cordon Bleu. Maybe it's less stressful because it's easier to get there or maybe I'm just less intimidated by the whole process and more committed to the industry in general. When I started LCB I wanted to be called a chef and I wanted to do something exciting somewhere else after Julianne left home and I thought this was a good job for that and I wanted to have a personal chef business of my own. I did not want to work in a restaurant. Now I kinda do--a smallish one still. This time I want the highest certification I can earn and I want to do very well in school and not just pass everything. I'm excited about every part of the whole thing and not just little pieces. KWIM?

I liked my classmates at LCB a lot but my new ones are just awesome people. There is a big range of ages in there! There are some kids in their early 20s and there is one dude who just retired from Chrysler after 42 years. I like being in the middle. I'm just more relaxed and enjoying the people at school more this time. I'm glad that I am at L'Ecole Culinaire and I wish that I had considered it when I started in the first place. It was a good decision!

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