Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bolivar or bust!

I had an amazing weekend! It was Homecoming at SBU and my class' 20-year-thingy. My friend, Christie, flew to St. Louis (she's a flight attendant so she can do that), rented a car, picked me up, and we headed west. There was an alumni banquet Friday night and we met up with several old friends there. That was great! They took group photos of the classes that had special years. There were only a few of us at the banquet so there aren't many folks in the picture. After the banquet and lots of visiting, Christie, Terri, & I went to my best friend in the whole wide world, Wendy's, house for a couple of hours. Wendy & her family moved back to Bolivar from New Jersey a few years ago and built a gorgeous log cabin on her parents' farm land. It was so good to see her!

On Saturday, Christie & I got up early and headed back to Bolivar (we stayed in Springfield) to watch the Homecoming parade. Each graduating decade watches on a different block. The 80's people are always right in front of my first dorm, Beasley Hall (which was also my dad's dorm a long time ago). There were many more people there than at the banquet. We met up with Wendy for lunch on campus and then the four of us (Terri, too) found a quiet spot (or it was quiet before we found it anyway) at a table in the fieldhouse to chat. I don't know how long we sat and talked but it was FUN! Name a subject and we tackled it! Seriously--any subject! Eventually Terri & Wendy both had to go home. I went with Wendy while Christie roamed around for awhile. I think she caught part of the football game and I think we won. Wendy & I made (mostly Wendy made--I chopped the onion) very yummy salmon chowder. She also took some homemade rolls out of her freezer and heated them up. MMMMMMMM!!! Christie joined us by the time it was all ready and we ate and visited until bedtime!

After we got back to our room Christie checked available flights for today and found that the only way she could get home was to leave St. Louis at 8am! We got up at 2:30 and drove back. As tired as we were, I don't think we ever stopped talking. I got home about 5:30 and dozed for a couple of hours. Julianne was home alone all weekend. She was supposed to go on a trip with one of her classes to rock-climb, but when she went to bed Friday night she had a slight fever. It had been very cold and rainy for a couple of days and she cheered in it Friday night (and they won!) so I think she was just run down. Since she still had a fever Saturday morning I made her stay in under orders to stay home and to sleep all she could. She seems to be a whole new kid today, so the sleep therapy worked! She was in my bed when I got home this morning! I should have gone to church but I was so wiped out. I hadn't slept much for four nights and it hit me in the face! One of Julianne's camp friends drove up this morning to go to church with her. She isn't home yet. I've had a very restful, quiet day but I miss my baby!

We had a little excitement on the block this morning! I walked to 711 for coffee and when I left there was a police car in front of Dave's house next-door. When I came home he & his daughter were outside so I had to chat. His truck had been stolen! He said that four cars have been stolen in Maplewood (Maplehood?) in, I think, a week. I haven't talked to him since then but I don't think it's been recovered. I haven't seen it. Earlier in the week a dude across the street called the police because he saw a guy skulking around our yard. Julianne came to me to say that there was someone with a flashlight outside her window. It turned out to be a cop. He told us that they caught the guy and he lives in the apartments by 711. He has no priors so I guess they let him go. Weird! We're being a little extra-careful right now.

Wendy has inspired me and I want to make chowder. I think Tuesday I'll make a pot of it and some bread (I'm too busy tomorrow--Stryper is in town!). Sounds so good. For now I have a pot of chamomile tea and I'm just counting down until bedtime!

This is the class of '89 people who were at the banquet:

Me & Ellen Bell. She worked for the college for 50 years! She was a dorm mom and then maybe someone's secretary. My mom's generation called her Ding Dong and mine called her Ma Bell. I don't know how old she is but she seems to be doing great. She has never been married or had kids. Maybe that's her secret?

Me, Christie, Judy, & Terri at the parade (I borrowed Christie's pashmina and LOVE it!)

RJ, Lauri, me, Terri, Christie, David, Susan, Michelle, & Tracy:

Melinda, Terri, Christie, Wendy, me:

Here's some Stryper to tide me over:

Last weekend I went to a trivia night with a bunch of folks on Facebook that I know from high school. It was FUN! I took my usual artichoke florentine spread but added cayenne to give it some kick. Trivia Night benefited Clowder House, which is a cat rescue/shelter in the city where one of our gals (Debbie in the pink shirt) volunteers. I made everyone pose for a Facebook picture (both tables are us). I'm the one in the middle in the red sweater.

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