Monday, August 31, 2009

Rice Day

Today was a very easy day. We made Rice Pilaf and Risotto Alla Parmigiana. They are pretty simple. I overcooked my pilaf a little because I made my risotto while it was in the oven. They both tasted good, though. Apparently, Some Of Us still need practice with hollandaise so we had to do that again, too! This was the best that I've made. It was just a little thick but it didn't break. Chef said that we would be making it three more times in F2 to make sure we have it down. Yippee. I was sous chef today so I had to set up Chef's mis en place besides my own and supervised the cleaning instead of participating in it. That was weird and kinda boring! It's a curious thing to me that there are several folks in class who have restaurant cooking experience that are not getting done cooking until the very last possible minute. I was feeling a little smug about my own timing--and my food hasn't usually been perfect but not bad at all and it was the first time I made any of these dishes--until three different people said to me separately that those people were doing that on purpose so they wouldn't have to clean up. It doesn't surprise me that some do that but it does when it's these particular people or really anyone in our class. They are very dedicated, driven and very, very intense students--and, like I said, experienced. They all jump in to clean and work very hard the rest of the time.

Chef Todd demonstrated risotto for us:

We tasted Chef's risotto:

Apparently, the hot water bath under the mixing bowl is more important to successful hollandaise than I thought because mine was good this time:

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