Friday, July 31, 2009

I stole Julianne's pictures from camp (it was week before last) so I could share them here. Julianne's newest toy is her henna kit and she had fun with it at camp! She gave me a tramp stamp the night it came in the mail--a Chinese symbol that she says means "love" but I think it says "beef with broccoli".

Holli, Julianne, & Lauren
Julianne & Jenna
Jenna, Holli, & Julianne on Memorial Day, 2001
School is still going well. I had more tests this week. I did well on the written two but the practical was tricky. My mayonnaise and hollandaise didn't turn out as well as they did the first time I tried them. The mayo was awful. The hollandaise just wouldn't get thick no matter how much I whisked. I stirred the little bit that I had in a souffle cup for grading until Chef got to me. Amazingly, it did thicken that way. He even said it was good. My knife cuts test was better than the last one. My tourne' was even good. I'm still not happy with dices. It's hard to get a good cube. Mine are usually sort of rectangular on one side. At least I'm getting the sides straighter.

4-24-10:  I just found this on Julianne's laptop.  CUTE!!!

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