Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm still alive

and I swear I'll be on more often! Blogging just hasn't been the biggest priority with my time. I've been working on my house and looking for work and knitting. I actually even finished something! I made a scarf for Julianne but not from the ugly pink yarn that she picked out before. It is out of Peaches & Cream cotton yarn and the color is Chocolate Mint which is natural, brown, and blue. She loved it. I didn't think it would make a pretty scarf. It's cute, though. I haven't taken a picture yet. Julianne hasn't been home to try it on for me. I'm also working on a cranberry-red wool tote bag that I plan to felt. I'm not following a pattern but it looks okay so far--nothing fancy and nothing at all like the picture in my head! I found my favorite place to buy yarn and I recommend it to all knitters and crocheters--knitpicks.com. They just have the best prices on natural-fiber yarn. I have some fancy eyelash stuff that Hobby Lobby had on sale for .99 that I will figure out something for. No hurry. In the meantime I have a stash so I must be a serious knitter! My next project is to figure out how to knit socks. The heel flap throws me in written instructions so I have a DVD to watch. Once I get the hang of it I'll be a sock fanatic. I love socks! The rest of life has been pretty quiet. I have jury duty next week. Abby was sick last week. She had tapeworms. Yuck! But it's all good now. There is a holistic vet walking distance from us and I really like them. I love that they don't give shots every year when dogs don't really need them but every three years. I feel much more comfortable with that.

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