Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wish us luck!

Julianne's football team ended their season Friday night undefeated. We couldn't be prouder or more excited. It was an away game at Herculaneum, MO, which is a little over an hour away but I think our crowd was bigger (and much louder) than the home crowd. We took two pep busses (I was on the one with the cheerleaders) and a lot of folks drove. We froze our heinies off but we had a ball. Nobody can say we don't have school spirit! There were parents with cowbells and one mom with a trumpet and confetti that she threw whenever we scored. We finished first in our division. Sectional playoffs start tonight. It's supposed to be a homegame but we don't have enough stands for the fans so it will be at CBC. We're playing Herman. They beat our guys in this same game last year! They won't this time! Gotta go. I have to find a cowbell.

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