Friday, August 24, 2007


is graduating from boot camp right this minute. My mom is there for it. She called from her cell so I can listen to the ceremony. Right now the Marine Band is playing. I'm such a sap! I'm tearing up! I can't wait to see pictures. Better yet, I can't wait to see JT! I'm so proud of our little tow-head boy! He will be home for, I think, 19 days and then go somewhere else for more training. I was worried that my mom wouldn't make it to the ceremony. She was in the ICU overnight on Tuesday. Scared the heck out of all of us! Again! Apparently it was angina pains and not a heart attack. Thank God! I'm so glad she was able to travel! She checked out of the hospital and got her heiniebumper to the airport. She & my sister are staying together in San Diego. Both of JT's parents, one of his brothers, and his other grandparents are out there. I'm so glad they all got to go. I wish I could have! I haven't been further west than Kansas or Oklahoma. Some day......

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