Friday, June 22, 2007

Julianne is off to camp. She's going with the youth group from one of her friends' churches to Windermere. I worked there for a couple of summers when I was in school but have never been there as a guest. I'm so excited for her! It's a wonderful place. I'm trying to convince her to work there next summer. I miss church camp. It was always my very favorite part of the summer. Times have sure changed, though. Now they have air conditioners in the cabins. We really roughed it--and loved it! Kids pack differently, too. We had one suitcase and our bedding. Julianne has a huge rolling suitcase, two bags, and a couple of other things. I'm not sure if either of us thought about bedding. Oops. She also has THREE chargers! She has one for her phone, one for her camera, and one for her Ipod. Amazing. We never took a single charger to camp with us. I don't think we owned anything chargeable. I remember working at Windermere and going to the payphone to call my folks collect. We had never heard of cell phones. In my early 20's I knew a couple of people with car phones. I could never imagine a day when almost everyone has a phone in their pockets. Of course we had to walk to camp, six miles, uphill both ways, barefoot......

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