Friday, June 15, 2007


Our weekend is not going to be a restful one. This weekend is recital and cheerleading camp for Julianne. Besides I have two jobs. Recital started last night and goes through tomorrow evening. There are four performances, but J isn't going to make the matinée tomorrow (and of course that is the one that her dad & other grandma will attend). Yesterday and today I have to come home from work, get stuff done at home, pick her up at cheer camp, and go to recital. Today I also have to make cookies for concessions at recital and get the secret pal gift that we forgot for dress rehearsal on Wednesday. Last night I got there missing a couple of things she needed including black jazz shoes. I still can't find those shoes and I refuse to stress out about ONE MORE THING. My house is a wreck because I am cleaning out a closet and the landlord wants to come by in the morning. Something about the roof and the ceiling. I have to get all of that stuff back in there and clean the carpet before I go to bed tonight and make the cat disappear. I sure do look forward to Sunday! I work, but have no obligations after that. Maybe I'll make a special dinner.

I'll take more pictures tonight and tomorrow at recital. Meanwhile I do have a couple. Julianne got her new uniform and tried it on for me. She looks so cute! She took pics at camp and I swiped a cute one. The others are at recital last night.

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