Monday, June 20, 2011

On our last full day in Figline we had one more cooking class with Chef Claudio.  We left the hotel EARLY the next morning for the long drive back to the airport in Rome and a long flight back home.  I didn't take pictures then.  It just wasn't the joyous, thrilling occasion that the trip over was.  I am going back when I can stay longer.  There is just too much to see in five days and our days were so structured.  I am figuring it all out.  There are several possibilities--internships, more school, work.  I am going to get a TEFL license so teaching English will be an option.  That will pay barely enough to live very frugally but, hell, I can struggle here or struggle there.  I am aiming for late next summer or early autumn and I am not kidding.  Why not?  A year in Firenze and then one in Scotland and then come back to settle in New England.  My dream will be lived.  I will be happy!

First, fettucine:

I love that Chef Claudio doesn't use a pasta roller.  He made pasta so simple that you feel silly for not doing it yourself all the time.  I will from now on!


MMM!!!  Squash blossoms!

This is Chef Claudio's dog and if I understood correctly its name is Tale.


My pizza.  Perfecto!

Tuscan moon:

Eggplant parmigiana:

This baby breaks my heart.  She wondered into the teaching kitchen and plopped down in the floor like she owned the place.  Chef Claudio says she's a stray.  She has been a beloved pet at some time because she is very friendly.  If you glance at her she falls on your feet and rolls onto her back.  She's covered with fleas and stuff is matted into her fur.  Everyone talked to her but nobody wanted to handle her.  I had to.  She needed it.  I sat on the ground and gave her a good working over--rubbed her belly and scratched her ears.  She's such a sweetie!  It was killing me to see her itching so badly and not be able to help her.  I wanted to clean her up so bad!  I hope Chef falls in love with her and takes care of her.  How could he help it?

Wahim brought out a dessert we made earlier...

...and grappa!

Byron gave Chef Claudio a Rams hat.

The rest of us autographed a chef coat for him.  Nick drew a great picture!  Looks just like Claudio!

Don'tcha love that the doggie posed with us?

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